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Ask a Cincinnati Chef: Bouquet's Stephen Williams has a major sweet tooth

What is in your refrigerator right now? Cottage cheese, a lot of fruit. I've got a 2-year-old and he's just now exploring food, so fruit is his favorite thing. And lots of milk. That's his other favorite thing. I have some MadTree , some Rhinegeist , there's some bourbon sitting on top of the refrigerator. Lots of ice cream in the freezer. I'm an ice cream fiend.

Our new lunch menu at Bouquet.

The Cubano, Club and Rueben from our new lunch menu at Bouquet. Now open Monday thru Saturday 11-2 for lunch and 430-10 for dinner.

House Made Cavatelli Pasta

Sheltowee Farm Chanterelles | Nancy "The Ham Lady's" Kentucky Country Ham | Justin's City Figs | House Made Cavatelli Pasta | Brown Butter | Agrodolce

Best Restaurants in Every State - Business Insider

Wow - we're so honored to have been named by Business Insider as the best restaurant in Kentucky in their list of the best restaurant in each state! Thanks to our friends who've shared this as well!

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